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Reverse Osmosis water systems are drinking water treatment devices for purification that use a pre-filter and a semi-permeable membrane to remove particles and chemicals from the water, thereby making clean potable water for drinking purposes.

In more detail, in the reverse osmosis system, the filter or pre-filter removes the larger particles that make the water “look dirty”. Usually, most of these particles will settle out, however, there are some smaller particles that still remain in the water. These would make the water appear to be cloudy.

Then the semi-permeable membrane which has microscopic holes in it, allows only water to pass through, but not the dissolved chemicals. Dissolved chemicals may be considered to be in solution.

There is some waste associated with using reverse osmosis drinking water systems as there is some water wasted or flushed away with the impurities. Larger more sophisticated purification treatment systems can reprocess the water waste water back through again to recapture more water.   Call us today to find out if a reverse osmosis water treatment system is right for your water filter needs.

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