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Missionary of charity work groups have benefitted from our filters for many years. We help missionary church groups plan their trips by training and supplying them with water filters that are vital to health and safety. It is very important that a missionary be healthy during their stay and one of the main ways to prevent illness is to be sure to have clean potable water for drinking and other uses.

Our filters and systems have been

helping missionary groups in the field since 1997 and we take pride in being able to help them to meet their needs. It can cost thousands of dollars to get onto the field for a missionary. For the relatively minor costs of water filtration and purification, a missionary or group can insure that the members of the team remain free of debilitating illness caused by biologically contaminated water. Water-borne illness can stop you and your team in their tracks, possibly for a length of time. This could waste hard won dollars and time commitments donated to the project.

Missionary of charity groups that do church work internationally or within the US borders rely on our systems for clean water during their trips. We also make sure that there is proper training for each supply that they receive from us.

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