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Missionary work groups, including Catholic, Christian and Baptist missionary workers can order from us by contacting us online or by the phone. We have worked with many international level missionary groups by supplying water filters, training and relief supplies and would love to expand our reach by helping your missionary team as well.

We find it important to speak directly with each group that we help as this allows us to understand the exact needs of your team. Due to the complex nature of conditions and equipment options, we

would rather not take the chance of someone ordering through an online service and not receiving the right equipment for the region or water type that they will need to be filtering. We definitely desire giving our advice and expertise to those in need of filtration, this is the only way we can ensure proper planning and care.

We love to help missionary work groups to stay healthy and strong by supplying Catholic, Protestant, Christian and Baptist missionary work teams with the right water filtration equipment. This is our way of helping a cause that we believe so strongly in. Contact us today by phone or by our form on the website and allow us to help your group.

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