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Michael Keller
Founder, Owner, and President

Mission Statement/ Why I love doing what I do?

It provides an opportunity to share the love of God with others. By helping those who wish to reach out to communities around the world, it is a chance for me to go there as well, even though vicariously. The Lord has called us to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. Building Bridges with others is a way in which we can show how much we care for them. When they want to know why we care, we can tell them the reason for our caring. That reason is that Jesus compels me to.

Our fellow Americans and others who travel may not be fully aware of the importance of clean water in their daily lives. Besides air, how clean pure water is the lifeline thread between being a fully functioning member of a mission team or being fully debilitated on the field, pulling precious resources from the mission project to focus on one sick team member.

The costs to get to the mission field can be costly, to be sure. Getting there and becoming ill due to a preventable condition is a waste of precious resources. The costs associated with providing pure clean water to the mission team are very low when compared to the actual costs in finances (treasures) and time to actually marshall those talented team members into the field.

It was once told to me by an experienced 20+ year missionary to South America, that, "it is no longer acceptable for a traveling missionary to get a water-borne illness while working in the mission field. We have the technology to prevent these illnesses, such as picking up a parasite, and becoming ill and ineffective."

Background of Experience:
We have been involved in indoor environmental work since 1989. Specifically, we have been working on water purification for missionaries since mid 1997, receiving our first order and delivery of products to missionary and missionary organizations in December 1997.

Specialty Training:
Michael Keller, our founder and owner President, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Millersville University. He works in Environmental Science as an Industrial Hygienist, Consultant, and Contractor.

Michael is also Cerified as an Indoor Environmentalist (CIE), a Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI) (There is no Commercial designation), Certified Mold Remediator (CMR), Certified Water Damage Technician (WDT).

Mike has been active in applying science and scientific principles to indoor environmental concerns, both air and water related.

What sets you apart from the rest?:
We are dedicated to providing the best water purification systems and filtration technologies and devices at affordable discounted rates with excellent service to mission team member organizations and individuals.

After 8 1/2 years experience and thousands of satisfied users, we have been blessed by the Lord to take a step into the World of the Internet to let others know of our services and products.

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