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Mission and youth mission trips have been our goal since 1997. We have supplied mission organizations and trips with their supply needs on an international and domestic level. While missions are not the only people that benefit from our products, we are proud to be able to service them as we believe in the gospel message that they are sharing.

One missionary contacted us to say, “There is no longer any reason for a missionary and his family to suffer with water-borne illnesses, due to the technology that we have available.”
Another man said, “I've been on the field for over 20 years now and this water purification technology is mandatory for us.” 

We have placed systems in virtually all countries that mission and relief workers travel to.  We are experienced in working with those in special areas of the world where discretion is paramount. There are many difficulties on the field and we are sensitive to those needs.

Many mission and youth mission trip organizations that we speak with have come to expect that things do not work out on the field and have become complacent so they are not disappointed.  We want change that with our love and ability to supply international as well as domestic mission groups with top quality products.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs, your hopes and expectations.

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